My daughter is a dancer and was complaining of foot pain. What made is difficult is she was in the middle of practice leading up to a performance. We called Doctor Tolboe and he was able to get us in on short notice. He did a full evaluation including X-rays and was able to recommend a course of treatment that allowed my daughter to still perform. Thank you Doctor Tolboe!!
Andrew H. – Feb 1, 2022

Great staff, great doctor! I’ve been a patient now for about 2 years and have zero complaints. Appointments are flexible and easy to schedule. I’m always in and out within a timely manner. You are made to feel cared about and all concerns are addressed thoroughly. I highly recommend Dr. Paxton and his medical office.
Carlos C – Dec. 2021

I had to go in-person. The office was exceptionally clean & they made sure everyone was spaced out. The Ladies running the office were all very friendly. The back office was great also. I barely had time to sit down. Forgive me for not remembering the MA’s name but she was very thorough, kind, & informative. Dr. Paxton was great also. He listened & then completely explained AND answered my questions. I felt like we all were on the same team. Never did I feel belittled or bullied – which some dr’s still try to do. I highly recommend this office & Dr Paxton.
Pat K. – Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Tolboe did surgery on my son and I couldn’t be happier. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything so we knew exactly what to expect. We made the decision to drive from Wyoming to have the surgery done by Dr. Tolboe and we would do it again.
Stacie Ashe in Rock Springs, WY – Oct 06, 2018

Exceptional staff – every single one of them! The younger Dr. Tolboe performed my surgery. He is one of the most personable physicians I have ever met – and as a RN/NP of 30 years, I have encountered a few ! Dr. Tolboe is kind, professional, and most importantly, a great physician/surgeon. Would HIGHLY recommend him!
Terri D in Fresno Ca – Oct 20, 2019

I’m glad I decided to come to this place for my issue. Dr Paxton was very patient and understanding. Thankfully the problem was resolved quickly. Thank you
Christian D. in Modesto, CA – Aug 06, 2020

Amazing service. Had an emergency and needed surgery for 2 information toenails as infection was setting in. They saw me same day and had me in and out within an hour. Doctor’s and staff were very friendly, and helped me in a professional and timeout manner. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing to see a pediatrist.
Anthony C. in Tracy, CA – Dec 08, 2018

I was referred to Dr.Christian Tolboe to treat a ganglion cyst and slightly torn Achilles tendon at the back of my heel. Dr.Tolboe was very precise on giving me step by step procedures of my surgery which was very reassuring to me. The only thing that concerned me was being left with a very big scar at the back of my heel. I like to wear flip flops in the summer which the Dr. also doesn’t recommend but some things you can’t give up. Lol. I have a friend who had somewhat of the same surgery from another doctor and everything went well for her but she was left with a very noticeable scar that did stand out. Dr. Tolboe I highly RECOMMEND!!! He was so polite, professional and the work he did sewing me up was unbelievable!! I don’t even have a scar!!
Thank you so much!!
Shawnte R. in Oakdale, CA – Feb 29, 2016